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Gallifrey Stands Podcast 76

This week on Gallifrey Stands they talk the Witches Familiar, ratings and time shifting. After that they feature their guest companion this week, John Guilor. He talks about playing the voice of the 1st Doctor in the Day of the Doctor and recreating a missing episode with Carol Ann Ford & William Russel!

Check it out!


Podcastrovalva- Progtor Who

Do you love Doctor Who? Probably since you are frequenting this news site. What about prog rock? Because there is a new podcast in town combining those two elements and it’s called… wait for it…. Progtor Who.

Marc Atkinson, Bob Fleming and Craig Stimson are the men behind this awesome fusing of rock and Doc. In the podcast they talk about Doctor Who with the passion and knowledge of lifelong fans of the show and they’re musicians too. Each week the guys pick four quality Prog Rock tunes and insert them in between the banter for your listening pleasure.

They’ve done two podcasts so far and plan to do one after each episode of the new series offering up their rock n roll opinion.

You can subscribe on iTunes or listen through Podbean to the podcast. So jump on board, kick back and enjoy your weekly dose of Who, Prog and Banter all under one pod. Check out their website!

Monday Morning News Round Up- May 5

Welcome to another wonderful Monday morning. Just in case you were out enjoying the real world and missed some of our amazing stories last week, here’s a recap for you. Don’t forget to follow @troughtonsmydoc to get the news as it’s happening!

Marco again

OMNI Denied!

We might as well start with the biggest news coming last week. In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine they published an article with statements denying the omnirumour!

Daleks master 1

Bold Prediction?

Everyone involved with the omnirumour has been shying away from making predictions about the next announcement, but TIMD is confident that we can predict when it’s not going to happen.


Underwater Menace Update Redux

Also in that DWM article was a little snippet about the fate of Underwater Menace. Recon? Seriously?


Omnirumour Executed

With all the serious stuff being talked about, Martin decided we needed a little laughter in our lives, so he takes a look at the ‘death’ of the omni.


German Bluray Update

There’s been a development in the German bluray release of Adventures in Space and Time. It had a release date and special features announced.


TMID decided to start its own twitter hashtag to promote some fan initiatives involving Doctor Who. If you have something you want us to talk about, just tweet that hashtag to @troughtonsmydoc and we will take a look!

Dark Journey

Doctor Who Dark Journey

Speaking of #FanProducedFriday, I talked to MA Tamburro the Director and Producer behind the project where the Doctor and Sherlock Holmes team up to defeat Jack The Ripper.

Time run

Time To Run

And here’s one more fan project, the Time Run, from @thymerun. This is a video that features footage of David Tennant running set to different songs. Today marks it’s launch, so be sure to check it out!


Last, but far from least, Al Miller brought us another Podcastrovalva, ‘Traveling the Vortex’

Podcastrovalva- Traveling The Vortex

Another installment of Podcastrovalva from Al Miller

“Traveling the Vortex” quickly became one of the Doctor Who podcasts that I make sure to listen to each time it comes out, from the time  I first discovered it in 2013.

The “Vortex Boys” as they have come to be called (though the ‘Three Errant Dogs’ nickname has been floated!) are from Kansas. This is one of the friendliest podcasts that I listen to. It is also the longest: most episodes rival the length of a typical Peter Jackson movie. So you might want to listen to it in two stretches!

What sets “Vortex” apart from other podcasts is the extensive involvment of their listeners, including frequent feedback from
Holly, Rachel, Chrissy, and more. This extends to other ways listeners can participate, including a Doctor Who book club and some regular events where everyone watches a Doctor Who episode (or a film) and tweets their comments along (Flicks with Friends and Friday Night Who).

A good place to start is the Vortex Boys’ Sylvester McCoy event from Planet Comic Con from earlier this year. It’s only 49 minutes in length.

The podcast is found at and it is also available on iTunes and the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance.

Monday Morning Round Up- April 14

In case you missed any of the big stories over the past week, here’s a recap for you. Be sure to follow @troughtonsmydoc and see the news as it’s happening!


First up we have to wish Peter Davison a very happy Birthday! He celebrated his 63rd birthday April 13th!

Day of the doc

Day Of The Doctor Up for a BAFTA and your votes can help it win!


Ich Bin Ein The Doctor?

German Doctor Who fans are in for a treat. And what’s good for Germany could be good for the rest of the UK.


New Doctor Who Comics!

The 10th and 11th Doctors are each getting their own new comic series from Titan Comics. Previews and preorders!


The Doctor Hits the Horror Channel

Doctor Who will start airing on the Horror Channel Friday April 18th! Check out the trailer. I would like to give a special mention to the good folks at the Horror Channel and all their fans who retweeted the heck out of my related tweets! Thank you!


Looking For A Deal?

I stumbled across a great deal online and bought a bunch of Classic Doctor Who dvds. I just had to share it. I have no idea when it will end, so check it out soon!


Podcastrovalva- Radio Free Skaro

Al gives you an introduction to Radio Free Skaro and shares how he got into one of the best DW related podcasts out there.


Season 6 Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

New contributor Andrew Boland gives us his opinion on why Troughton’s last season is the greatest of the 2nd Doctor’s run!

Series 8 Spoilers!

Okay, you were warned, if you don’t want to know more DO NOT click the links. More on that Gatiss episode and also a list of possible episode names leaked online.


Big News and No News in the Omnirumour!

We started the week out with nothing but bad news. Easter is off, they said. Maybe sometime in May or June. Hopefully. That led me to my poll, when do you think the next announcement will come. Haven’t voted yet? Come on over and add your voice. If you did vote, why not see what everyone else believes? So, we were prepared for a quiet few weeks before things might have picked up again. What we weren’t prepared for is T.I.E.A. to come out swinging!

So there you go, the news the rumours, the weird and the wild from the past seven days.

Podcastrovalva- An introduction to Radio Free Skaro

Radio Free Skaro (RFS) bills itself  as “possibly the most popular, most prolific and charmingly irreverent (but never irrelevant) Doctor Who podcast around.” It is all that, and could even be described as the flagship podcast of Doctor Who fandom.

I discovered Radio Free Skaro through Star Trek. I was on an email list and heard of the “Trek Radio” radio station in late 2012 and went looking for it on the TuneIn radio app. Then I wondered if there was  any sort of Internet radio station devoted to Doctor Who?

My search led me to Radio Free Skaro, a podcast created by Warren Frey and Steven Schapansky in the western provinces of Canada. I started with the first episode, listening to it  several years after it was recorded.  They began by describing the recons. Steve was “knee deep” in the Pertwee era, watching “Day of the Daleks” in the background even as they were recording!

I was hooked, and listened to the first 100 episodes or so. A year after they started, their friend Chris Burgess joined along, completing the “Three Who Rule” triumvirate which has endured today.

I stopped listening to the really old episodes of RFS, not because I got tired of them, but because as I was catching up on the TV episodes.  I got impatient and skipped ahead needing to hear the  most recent podcasts as they came out, wanting to know what the “Three Who Rule” had to say about recent events and news.

Along the way they led me to other Doctor Who podcasts like Verity, Two Minute Time Lord, Tardis Tavern, and others. RFS has been, and still is, my gateway to “Doctor Who” fandom. I listen to a lot of podcasts each week, always starting out with RFS.

How have they kept RFS going for hundreds of episodes? They know of what they speak, love the subject, and have fun doing it. They review new releases of DVDs and episodes when they come out, cover related programs such as Torchwood, do episode commentaries, and have features such as FluidLinks the Miniscope. And yes, they report on stats (total viewer ratings for Doctor Who episodes as they first air).

If you haven’t see it already, you should watch the video of RFS’s opening event at the Gallifrey One convention (“Gally”) earlier in 2014:

Radio Free Skaro is found on itunes, the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance page, and their own web site:

Monday Morning News Round Up- April 7

Welcome to April. If you were too busy to check these stories out as they happened, here’s a quick rundown on what you might have missed. Follow @troughtonsmydoc to get updates as stories are posted!


Glyn Jones Passed Away

A writer and actor for Doctor Who, Glyn passed away a few days ago.


Happy Fish Fingers and Custard Day!

It’s been four years since Matt Smith debuted as the mad man with a box. Here’s a reminiscence on that fateful day!

Introducing Podcastrovalva

Our newest segment where Al Miller talks about podcasts that he likes. Here’s his first about Podshock. Want to know more about Al? Check out his introduction.


So Tired, Tired of Waiting, Tired of Waiting for … Who?

We have become accustomed to getting New Who every Easter weekend, but that’s not to be the case this year. And we’re tired of waiting.

April 1st Brings Out The Fools

Did you skip your online time April 1st? Trying to avoid heartbreak and agitation? Here’s the best of the Doctor Who related April Fool’s jokes.


Omni Time!

Okay, it has been incredibly slow the last few days, so to pass the time check out our Omni When Poll. When do you think the next announcement will be.


The DWMEDG on FB has almost reached a milestone. The group is sitting at 580 members. Haven’t joined in on the discussion yet? Why not?


And finally we have series 8 spoilers, spoilers spoilers. Nothing really major, just writers, episode names, that kind of thing.

Podcastrovalva 1- Podshock

“Podshock” is the longest-running Doctor Who podcast out there, with well over 300 episodes since it started in July 2005. It is based near New York City and features Louis Trapani, along with Ken Deep, Dave Cooper, Taras Hnatyshyn, and others.

This most recent episode, #300, honors the passing of Kate O’Mara, “The Rani”.

This episode features a segment of O’Mara performing the audio book Shadow in the Sun. I found the inclusion to be a fitting tribute to O’Mara, as well as a showcase of her talent. You will also find Doctor Who news, and Chuck Rabb’s interviews with Mary Tamm and Janet Fielding in this latest episode, as well.

Louis’ podcast was “off the air” for a year due to the effects of Superstorm Sandy, but it did return in October 2013. I found the account of his experiences with the storm and its damage to be particularly interesting: Louis put a personal face on this disaster, which I had known before only from brief national news summaries.

I started listening to Doctor Who podcasts during the storm-related hiatus of Podshock. However, since it has been back, it has been one I make sure to always listen to within a day or two of its release.

Podshock is found at the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance site, as well as on iTunes and at the Gallifreyan Embassy (
You can also read a summary of it at Wikipedia

Introducing Podcastrovalva

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Al Miller to the TIMD team. He will be doing podcast reviews for us in a segment called    Podcastrovalva. Al’s fairly new to the Doctor Who world, having become a fan just a few years ago. He’s more than made up for that lost time, his goal is to watch all the classic episodes before the end of this year. His first exposure to the show came way back in 1996 when he saw the last half of the TV Movie. His favourite doctor depends on who he is bingeing on at the moment, right now it is Patrick Troughton. He spends a lot of his time driving and that gives him ample opportunity to listen the all the podcasts he loves, up to a dozen a week.

So what exactly is Podcastrovalva? Al is going to talk about podcasts, new and old, anything he comes across that he likes. He doesn’t plan on a lot of dissection or criticism though. Each and every podcast is a labour of love that someone has put a lot of time and effort into preparing and he respects that.