Ich Bin Ein The Doctor?

German fans rejoice! Polyband, the German distributor of the new series of Doctor Who are going to release An Adventure in Space and Time on DVD and Bluray at the end of July! It will contain the English audio and all the special features, but will have a German audio dub done exclusively for the release.

You’re not a German fan, but still want the Bluray? This is your chance to get it. Unless BBC WW announces a UK release between now and then (which is entirely possible, you never know) this will be the only way to get a European Bluray copy. More details as they come.

Here’s the official statement from Polyband, though you might need to brush up on your German. Thanks to Pascal Salzmann for providing me with a translation.

3 thoughts on “Ich Bin Ein The Doctor?”

  1. Hey! I’m living in Germany and love your site! But you wrote in your headline (in English): “I am a THE DOCTOR” – a better version is: “Ich bin DER DOKTOR?!”

    1. Hi Max, thanks for the comment. I kinda took the title from the famous JFK speech. I know that it’s probably horribly grammatically wrong, but went for the reference over accuracy!

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