Help Wanted

TIMD is looking for a little help! We need someone who loves Doctors 9-12 (or at least up to 11, we will have to wait a while yet to see if we love 12) and can help us with the news.

There’s no real writing experience required, you just need to be a twitter/facebook hound sniffing out the Doctor Who news. When you find something, you just do a little write up on it for us to post.

Interested? Fill out the form below. If you wish, you can also include a mock article to help things along. You don’t need to include an article and it doesn’t really need to be about anything, we’re just looking to see what your writing is like.

While one person is required, that doesn’t mean we are limited to just one person doing this job, we will consider every application for a role within TIMD.

So if you are interested, drop us a quick email to and let me know your interested. If you can, include any previous writing experience you may have (not necessary though) and if you really want to go for the gold, you could include a mock article to show us what your capable of!



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