Officially Denied!

Straight from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine this month we get the strongest official denial that the omnirumour has received over the past few months. The article starts by talking about how Web Of Fear broke the record for first week sales by a Classic Doctor Who dvd, then delves into the murky waters of the omnirumour. Giving us the following statements:

From Phillip Fleming Head of Communications For Global Brands and Content At BBC Worldwide

“BBC Worldwide does not have any of the 97 missing episodes of Doctor Who, and none of them have been- or are being-  restored for release…

Naturally we continue to hope that all of the missing episodes are out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered and returned for the ultimate benefit of the fans.”

And Dick Friddy for the BFI

“Whilst we remain optimistic about the possibility of further discoveries,  I can confirm that the BFI is not in possession of any of the 97 missing still-missing episodes of Doctor Who. I only wish we were.”

There you have it. The omnirumour is officially dead now and it’s time to start mourning the loss of all our hopes and dreams and move on. In fact, I am 100% sure that the various missing episode threads will now be completely vacant and empty after these official denials, despite an optimistic spin toward the end of both quotes.

So now it’s up to you to decide what you believe. Is the omnirumour dead?

7 thoughts on “Officially Denied!”

  1. As I see it there are two rational options remaining over what to believe:
    1) No further missing episodes (beyond TEOTW/TWOF) at all, have been found;
    2) TIEA have found some (who knows which and how many) but have not yet been able to reach a deal with the BBC that is economically viable for both sides (too few ME fans perhaps).
    Personally, I am hovering between the two, but I still can’t explain why the UWM animation has been delayed so much.

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