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Podcastrovalva 1- Podshock

“Podshock” is the longest-running Doctor Who podcast out there, with well over 300 episodes since it started in July 2005. It is based near New York City and features Louis Trapani, along with Ken Deep, Dave Cooper, Taras Hnatyshyn, and others.

This most recent episode, #300, honors the passing of Kate O’Mara, “The Rani”.


This episode features a segment of O’Mara performing the audio book Shadow in the Sun. I found the inclusion to be a fitting tribute to O’Mara, as well as a showcase of her talent. You will also find Doctor Who news, and Chuck Rabb’s interviews with Mary Tamm and Janet Fielding in this latest episode, as well.

Louis’ podcast was “off the air” for a year due to the effects of Superstorm Sandy, but it did return in October 2013. I found the account of his experiences with the storm and its damage to be particularly interesting: Louis put a personal face on this disaster, which I had known before only from brief national news summaries.


I started listening to Doctor Who podcasts during the storm-related hiatus of Podshock. However, since it has been back, it has been one I make sure to always listen to within a day or two of its release.

Podshock is found at the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance site, as well as on iTunes and at the Gallifreyan Embassy (gallifreyanembassy.org/vortex/)
You can also read a summary of it at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_Who:_Podshock