UPDATE- Looking for a deal on Classic DW?

My wallet has just been subjected to a thorough battering thanks to an email I received from amazon.ca . Loads of Classic Doctor Who dvd’s are on sale for pretty awesome prices. Many of them are 40% off, some are 50% off and a few are even more discounted!

I bought The Invisible Enemy, Underworld and The Invasion Of Time (the three that I needed to finish off season 15 and then the Key to Time boxset. Now I am closer than ever to having everything that is currently available. I just need season 17 and part of season 18. Unfortunately I also need three McCoy’s that are out of print.  Maybe someday I can get a R1 version of Battlefield,  Ghost Light and Curse Of Fenric.

So what dvd’s do you need and what are you going to pick up? Don’t wait too long, I don’t know when the sale ends!


UPDATE! Just two business days after placing my order, those amazing Tom Baker stories have arrived! The sale is still on as of 4/15, so be sure to check it out!

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