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Restoring Enemy of the World and Web of Fear

Paul Venezis of the unofficial Doctor Who Restoration Team posted this link of his Twitter. It was recorded last year and shows the team doing the actual restoration of the film of Enemy of the World episode 1. Quite fascinating if you’re into that sort of thing

The highlight is definitely the “Yeah!” at the end 🙂

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan at Calgary Comic Expo

For those of you who were not lucky enough to be there, and those of us who were, someone has kindly uploaded the entirety of Matt and Karen’s time at the main stage in Calgary from the end of April

Highlights include:

How did Doctor Who help Karen prepare for Guardians of the Galaxy?
Who is Matt’s favorite Doctor?
What were their favorite episodes they were in?
What were their favorite episodes from previous Doctors?

Getting into ‘The Thick of It’

So. Peter Capaldi. That guy, you know, he’s the next Doctor. Number 12, or 13 or perhaps technically 14… (THANKS Moffat). Anyway, as is natural when there’s a new Doctor, I want to know more. We really haven’t seen him yet apart from a very brief appearance at the end of ‘The Time of the Doctor’ and an even briefer one in ‘Day of the Doctor’.

When Matt Smith was announced, I bought the DVDs for ‘Party Animals’ to see what we were getting. Peter Capaldi is widely known for ‘Malcolm Tucker’, the Director of Communications for an unnamed party in ‘The Thick of It’. I soon heard that Tucker swears a lot and is an angry man, but beyond that I didn’t know much at all. So recently I watched ‘The Thick of It’ – from start to finish.


It’s not a long series – 24 episode encompassing 4 seasons and 3 specials, the first two series are a mere 3 episodes each, and I have to say, pardon my French, it’s a fucking good series! Like ‘Party Animals’, it’s a political series, and like ‘Yes, Minister’, it’s a satire. But it’s more than that. Now, a word of warning, if you do go down the path I did and watch it, the camera work is NOT smooth. In fact after two episodes I was seriously sick! I got used to it and I’m sure they backed off with the style of camera work after the first series – people complained about it.

Now – if you don’t like swearing, it’s not for you. Because it’s not just Capaldi’s character who swears, it’s pretty much the whole cast. The humour is a bit black at times, but it is a genuinely funny series, the sort that at the same time makes you think ‘it could really be like that’. MPs bumble and fumble and make mistakes, office staff act as if they are in control of everything, when in fact it’s character’s like Malcolm Tucker pulling all the strings and barking, nay shouting orders.


If you don’t know much about British politics and civil servants, then you’ll probably learn a bit. You’ll be shocked, then you’ll laugh, then you’ll be shocked again. The whole cast are simply brilliant, and as the series progresses we see the opposition (presumably meant to be the conservatives) in action, and in series four [SPOILER ALERT] they are in government. Their Director of Communications is very different to Tucker, trying to be ‘zen’, but losing the plot regularly and lapsing into aggressive craziness.

To try and find the perfect analogy is difficult. It’s one part ‘West Wing’, one part ‘The Office’, one part ‘Yes, Minister’ and one part ‘Red Dwarf’ – with a bucketload of swearing thrown in for good measure. Three things are clear about Capaldi from the series. He is a brilliant actor, his Doctor might be more aggressive but he won’t be playing him like Tucker, and Capaldi runs funny!


Do yourself a favour, if you like political satire at all, watch this series. I seriously had no idea how brilliant it was until I did.

The Quest for 1000! UPDATE

The Doctor Who Missing Episodes Discussion Group on Facebook has come a long way. Yes, I remember way back in its infancy about two months ago when I was one of the first ones to join. I have some embarrassing baby photos, do you want to see? Okay, some other time then…
Looking for a trusty ally, the man who started the group, Pascal Salzmann, invited me to become and admin and I agreed. I had no idea what I was getting myself into! I was extremely busy with my own side project at the time. TIMD was just a few days old as well and needed constant nurturing and TLC to keep it alive through that harrowing first week. Against all odds, both sites have made it through their growing pains and continued to expand!

Currently the facebook group sits around 985 members and now is the time to push forward with our “Quest To Reach 1000!” Yes, it is true that over the past few weeks things have gotten a little more off topic than before, but what can you really expect? There’s only so much you can say about missing episodes, isn’t there? For the most part the group is friendly and fun, posting under your real name tends to weed out people who are just looking to make trouble and keeps both sides more civil in their arguments.

If you haven’t come on over yet, what are you waiting for? To quote Underworld, “the quest is the quest!” Let’s get to that magic number, 1000! Once we reach that milestone we can set our sights on adding the next 1000 and maybe by then we will have more missing episode news to talk about!


UPDATE: We did it! May 10th the FB group reached 1000 members! But it didn’t stop there, already they are at 1015 and climbing! Next stop 1500!

The Science of Doctor Who – Interview With Host Rob Lloyd

For those of you reading, you may not know Rob Lloyd, but he is an incredibly talented actor and comedian, and also a massive Doctor Who fan to boot! Born in New South Wales, Rob now lives in Melbourne where he has been on stage many times. Part of the comedy duo ‘InnesLloyd’, Rob has a passion for improvisation.

Rob has found a great deal of success in the last few years, in 2013 his one man show enjoyed packed houses and rave reviews in Australia, so it took it overseas to Edinburgh, appearing in the Fringe Festival.


Rob is now busy touring his latest show, ‘The Science of Doctor Who’, combining Doctor Who and science in a show doing the rounds in Australia. Rob help conceive and also hosts the show. He took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions from me.


Andrew: Rob, how long have you been performing and what drew you to the stage?

Rob: I’ve been performing professionally for over 13 years, ever since I moved to Melbourne in 2000, but I’ve been performing since I was 5 years old.

It’s hard to explain what drew me to ‘the stage’, I remember I loved playing make-believe and dress-ups as a kid but I never really saw that as an actual job…I was to busy wanting to play for the Australian cricket team.

However I remember at the end of Year 7 in 1990, we were given our list of subjects to choose for Year 8 and on that list was Drama. I thought to myself, ‘I can do make-believe as a subject?’ I decided then and there that’s what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

Andrew:  Can you tell me a bit about your new show, ‘The Science of Doctor Who’. How it was conceived, the process of creating it and your role in the show?

Rob: In The Science of Doctor Who I host the show with three scientists. I introduce scientific theories explored in the TV show Doctor Who and the scientists explain whether they are possible or not.

It’s also hugely interactive, audiences are encouraged to bring their mobile phones and tablets and answer certain questions that are placed on the huge screen.

It all came about when RiAus, a science-communication based organization that I had previously worked with approached me to co-write and devise this show.

Andrew: Have you ever done a Doctor Who themed show before? Can you tell the readers a bit about that show if you have? (wink wink )

Rob: I have done another ‘Who-based’ show. It’s a one-man, comedy show called WHO, ME.


That show deals with my obsession with Doctor Who and I put the show on trial to see whether it is innocent or guilty of ruining my life.

I’ve toured it all around Australia, New Zealand, and Edinburgh…hopefully to the US later this year.

Andrew: How long have you been a Doctor Who fan and how did you become a fan?

Rob: I got into Doctor Who quite late, when I was 17 at my first year of university…oh yeah…I know how to party.

My closest friend at the time was dealing with a messy break-up and needed some distracting. So I got him to tell me about his favourite TV show Doctor Who.

After that five hour conversation I knew everything about Doctor Who and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Andrew: Can you tell the readers the details of your show? Dates, where to get tickets, plans to tour outside Australia and the like!

Rob: The Science of Doctor Who is currently on its national tour.

We kicked everything off in Perth last weekend (April 26th) next we’re off to Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide then finally Melbourne.

We’d love to tour it further, to other capitals in Australia, maybe even New Zealand or further…it just depends on the reaction to this initial tour.

All dates, times, venues and links to buy tickets online, can be found here:

 Andrew:  If you could design ANOTHER Doctor Who themed show, what would it be about and what would it tackle?

 Rob: Well I’m actually working on a new show for the Melbourne Fringe Festival in September that does have ‘Who-connections’.

It’s called Who Are You Supposed To Be? And it’s a romance comedy set at a Convention.

She’s dressed as the 5th Doctor, he runs a website, blog, fan site.

I originally saw it performed at Edinburgh Fringe last year and was asked to star in the Australian premiere. How could I refuse?

To keep up to date on the process of the show any other projects I do visit my website: or follow me on Twitter: @futurerobby

Andrew: Thanks for your time Rob! See you on the stage!


Monday Morning Round Up- April 14

In case you missed any of the big stories over the past week, here’s a recap for you. Be sure to follow @troughtonsmydoc and see the news as it’s happening!


First up we have to wish Peter Davison a very happy Birthday! He celebrated his 63rd birthday April 13th!

Day of the doc

Day Of The Doctor Up for a BAFTA and your votes can help it win!


Ich Bin Ein The Doctor?

German Doctor Who fans are in for a treat. And what’s good for Germany could be good for the rest of the UK.


New Doctor Who Comics!

The 10th and 11th Doctors are each getting their own new comic series from Titan Comics. Previews and preorders!


The Doctor Hits the Horror Channel

Doctor Who will start airing on the Horror Channel Friday April 18th! Check out the trailer. I would like to give a special mention to the good folks at the Horror Channel and all their fans who retweeted the heck out of my related tweets! Thank you!


Looking For A Deal?

I stumbled across a great deal online and bought a bunch of Classic Doctor Who dvds. I just had to share it. I have no idea when it will end, so check it out soon!


Podcastrovalva- Radio Free Skaro

Al gives you an introduction to Radio Free Skaro and shares how he got into one of the best DW related podcasts out there.


Season 6 Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

New contributor Andrew Boland gives us his opinion on why Troughton’s last season is the greatest of the 2nd Doctor’s run!

Series 8 Spoilers!

Okay, you were warned, if you don’t want to know more DO NOT click the links. More on that Gatiss episode and also a list of possible episode names leaked online.


Big News and No News in the Omnirumour!

We started the week out with nothing but bad news. Easter is off, they said. Maybe sometime in May or June. Hopefully. That led me to my poll, when do you think the next announcement will come. Haven’t voted yet? Come on over and add your voice. If you did vote, why not see what everyone else believes? So, we were prepared for a quiet few weeks before things might have picked up again. What we weren’t prepared for is T.I.E.A. to come out swinging!

So there you go, the news the rumours, the weird and the wild from the past seven days.

Podcastrovalva 1- Podshock

“Podshock” is the longest-running Doctor Who podcast out there, with well over 300 episodes since it started in July 2005. It is based near New York City and features Louis Trapani, along with Ken Deep, Dave Cooper, Taras Hnatyshyn, and others.

This most recent episode, #300, honors the passing of Kate O’Mara, “The Rani”.

This episode features a segment of O’Mara performing the audio book Shadow in the Sun. I found the inclusion to be a fitting tribute to O’Mara, as well as a showcase of her talent. You will also find Doctor Who news, and Chuck Rabb’s interviews with Mary Tamm and Janet Fielding in this latest episode, as well.

Louis’ podcast was “off the air” for a year due to the effects of Superstorm Sandy, but it did return in October 2013. I found the account of his experiences with the storm and its damage to be particularly interesting: Louis put a personal face on this disaster, which I had known before only from brief national news summaries.

I started listening to Doctor Who podcasts during the storm-related hiatus of Podshock. However, since it has been back, it has been one I make sure to always listen to within a day or two of its release.

Podshock is found at the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance site, as well as on iTunes and at the Gallifreyan Embassy (
You can also read a summary of it at Wikipedia