The Quest for 1000! UPDATE

The Doctor Who Missing Episodes Discussion Group on Facebook has come a long way. Yes, I remember way back in its infancy about two months ago when I was one of the first ones to join. I have some embarrassing baby photos, do you want to see? Okay, some other time then…
Looking for a trusty ally, the man who started the group, Pascal Salzmann, invited me to become and admin and I agreed. I had no idea what I was getting myself into! I was extremely busy with my own side project at the time. TIMD was just a few days old as well and needed constant nurturing and TLC to keep it alive through that harrowing first week. Against all odds, both sites have made it through their growing pains and continued to expand!

Currently the facebook group sits around 985 members and now is the time to push forward with our “Quest To Reach 1000!” Yes, it is true that over the past few weeks things have gotten a little more off topic than before, but what can you really expect? There’s only so much you can say about missing episodes, isn’t there? For the most part the group is friendly and fun, posting under your real name tends to weed out people who are just looking to make trouble and keeps both sides more civil in their arguments.

If you haven’t come on over yet, what are you waiting for? To quote Underworld, “the quest is the quest!” Let’s get to that magic number, 1000! Once we reach that milestone we can set our sights on adding the next 1000 and maybe by then we will have more missing episode news to talk about!


UPDATE: We did it! May 10th the FB group reached 1000 members! But it didn’t stop there, already they are at 1015 and climbing! Next stop 1500!

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