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Dark Journey- 4 Minute Preview

We’ve been talking about Doctor Who Dark Journey for a little while now. A couple weeks ago I did an article and posted a link to the trailer, last week I talked with M.A. Tamburro the director and producer and now we have a full four minutes from the upcoming production that you can check out.

The clip features the Doctor and Sherlock Holmes in a pub talking with some locals. It also features a kick ass version of the Doctor Who theme! So be sure to check out the preview. I will caution that there is some language in there that some may find offensive.

Monday Morning News Round Up- May 5

Welcome to another wonderful Monday morning. Just in case you were out enjoying the real world and missed some of our amazing stories last week, here’s a recap for you. Don’t forget to follow @troughtonsmydoc to get the news as it’s happening!

Marco again

OMNI Denied!

We might as well start with the biggest news coming last week. In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine they published an article with statements denying the omnirumour!

Daleks master 1

Bold Prediction?

Everyone involved with the omnirumour has been shying away from making predictions about the next announcement, but TIMD is confident that we can predict when it’s not going to happen.


Underwater Menace Update Redux

Also in that DWM article was a little snippet about the fate of Underwater Menace. Recon? Seriously?


Omnirumour Executed

With all the serious stuff being talked about, Martin decided we needed a little laughter in our lives, so he takes a look at the ‘death’ of the omni.


German Bluray Update

There’s been a development in the German bluray release of Adventures in Space and Time. It had a release date and special features announced.


TMID decided to start its own twitter hashtag to promote some fan initiatives involving Doctor Who. If you have something you want us to talk about, just tweet that hashtag to @troughtonsmydoc and we will take a look!

Dark Journey

Doctor Who Dark Journey

Speaking of #FanProducedFriday, I talked to MA Tamburro the Director and Producer behind the project where the Doctor and Sherlock Holmes team up to defeat Jack The Ripper.

Time run

Time To Run

And here’s one more fan project, the Time Run, from @thymerun. This is a video that features footage of David Tennant running set to different songs. Today marks it’s launch, so be sure to check it out!


Last, but far from least, Al Miller brought us another Podcastrovalva, ‘Traveling the Vortex’

The Time Run

So are you a fan of the Tenth Doctor? Do you like to watch him run? Well then I have the perfect present for you…

The Time Run!

From their facebook page:

Join us for the epic, worldwide release of ‘The Time Run’ – a Doctor Who fan film comprised of 700 clips of Ten running; cut from The Sarah Jane Adventures, Dreamland, The Infinite Quest, the Tardisodes, Attack of the Graske, Born Again, Time Crash, The Day of the Doctor, and 48 episodes of Doctor Who.

For you Whovians out there – that is every single source video Ten appeared in, in any capacity.

No clip is repeated. No clip is manipulated.

‘The Time Run’ isn’t just a fan video; nor is it just clips of someone running mishmashed together. The footage has been melded seamlessly with a killer soundtrack that will have you dancing with the Doctor.

You’ll find feels, adventure, heartache and more.

And not only that – ‘The Time Run’ features original video from a Special Guest Star (whose identity will be revealed during the movie).

If you’re a Whovian, you definitely want to see this. If your friends are Whovians, invite them along! If you’re not a Whovian, this will make you wish you were.

Get ready to run!

Check out the trailer.

I don’t know if I can watch that much of David Tennant running, but when Time Run launches I will certainly try.


Doctor Who- Dark Journey

Emotionally shattered after a tragedy, the Doctor arrives in London and becomes companion to Sherlock Holmes in an effort to stop Jack the Ripper’s murderous trail of terror. But is there an even greater evil at work in Victorian England?

Welcome to the fan produced Doctor Who audio Dark Journey. It’s a multi-episode series written, performed and produced in Toronto, Canada with a Canadian and international cast and crew featuring the music of Doctor Who fan favourite Traffic Experiment.

I had the chance to sit down and have a chat with Director/Producer M.A. Tamburro about the project.

Troughton Is My Doctor: What made you want to get into fan produced Doctor Who audio?

M.A. Tamburro: My good friend Andrew Chalmers is a writer and fellow Doctor Who fan. We’ve done a few small comedies and things together before and this just seemed like an obvious thing that would be fun and a challenge to do. I’m also a writer and involved in the podcast world.

TIMD: So once you two decided to write a Doctor Who audio, what were the big challenges with getting it produced and ready for the public?

MA: The story is set in England in the 1800’s, so our cast had to be, or at least sound, British. Andrew is half English, half Scottish, so we had our own iconic Doctor, we just needed everybody else!

TIMD: How many different actors worked on it?

MA: We cast from a surprisingly large pool of UK expats and recruited a fantastic and professionally trained cast of 10 actors plus a crew of 2.

Lead cast members Andrew Chalmers (The Doctor) and Roy Miranda (Holmes) during recording
Lead cast members Andrew Chalmers (The Doctor) and Roy Miranda (Holmes) during recording

TIMD: Tell me a little bit about the story itself, what is it about?

MA: The Doctor lands in 1880’s England and falls in as the companion to Sherlock Holmes who is on the trail of Jack the Ripper. Or so he thinks. The Doctor and Holmes work together to unravel the mystery  at the heart of recent brutal murders and protect the innocent!

TIMD: Right now we just have a trailer for it. When will it be available to download?

MA: June. It’s multi-episode, so there will be an ongoing story for listeners to enjoy.

TIMD: How many episodes do you have planned?

MA: We’ve recorded 4 episodes of Dark Journey, but are looking to do more if fans like what they hear.

TIMD: So, now for some fun questions like who’s your favourite Doctor?

MA: Non -canon is Andrew Chalmers- great catch phrase “Cool Beans!” Canon is Paul McGann. I could listen to him read the phone book!

TIMD: What did you think of Night Of The Doctor?

MA: Loved Night Of The Doctor, but too little of 8! Give this man an online or summer series!

TIMD: Agreed! That would be awesome.

MA: Troughton though is a close second and I’m not just trying to curry favour!

TIMD: Hey, consider that favour curried…. Um, nevermind. Do you have a favourite episode or story?

MA: McGann- The Chimes at Midnight, Troughton- The Mind Robber.

TIMD: Do you follow the omnirumour at all?

MA: Omnirumour? He was a rubber monster in a Pertwee serial right? Seriously it would be wonderful if true, but who knows, (taps nose) Who nose.

Producer MA Tamburro with a clearly overworked Holmes in the background
Producer MA Tamburro with a clearly overworked Holmes in the background


There you have it! Doctor Who Dark Journey will premiere in June, TIMD will have all the details as the release nears. For now check out their facebook page, follow them on twitter @AMAudioMedia and listen to the trailer for episode one, The Doctor Meets The Great Detective!

Thanks to MA Tamburro for the interview.

Monday Morning News Round Up – April 28

Well, here we are again, with a round up of all things TIMD from the last week. Be sure to follow us on twitter @troughtonsmydoc and get the news as it happens.

New writer for series 8? Read all about it.

Also on the subject of series 8 (sorta), some musings on Doctor Who’s long-standing habit of meeting famous historical figures. But who’s next?

On a series 8 tangent, yesterday was lovely Jenna Coleman’s 28th birthday, happy birthday Impossible Girl!


It was also former showrunner Russell “The” Davies’ birthday, and, if we fancy getting meta about this, Rose Tyler’s too. Quel Dommage, Russell!


This week has seen a huge glut of Pathe newsreel clips uploaded to YouTube, featuring some fleeting glimpses of William Hartnell and Jon Pertwee. Thanks to Sammi Carter for sniffing these out from the huge archive that Pathe have made available.

New YouTube Clips discovered

Pertwee Clips!

More Pertwee Clips!

And one more for luck.

Fed up with the Omnirumour? Ignore it. Just for fun, in an ideal world, which season would you most like to see completed? Let us know by taking part in our Wish Fulfilment Quiz.

Also, take a look at Part One of our feature on the mostly missing Season Three, the first great gap in the canon, and a period of change both in front of and behind camera.

Finally there’s a new fan produced audio being released soon. Doctor Who Dark Journey.

Is that all? It can’t be all, we must have missed something… Nope, that’s all the news from the past week.

Fan Produced Doctor Who Audio

There’s a new fan produced Doctor Who audio entitled Dark Journey coming to iTunes in June.  I sat down for a chat with MA Tamburro, the director and producer and will have that interview for you in the coming days. Until then you can check out the trailer and get a taste for what it’s going to be about. You can follow them on twitter at @AMAudioMedia for updates on the project.