New YouTube Clips Discovered!

In my previous article I issued a challenge, suggesting that maybe we should leave the missing episode threads for a little while and instead start looking through the mountains of British Pathe clips that have been uploaded to YouTube recently. Sammi Carter took my advice and I would like to share his finds!

I wish I could say that one of these contains a thirty second clip from Macra Terror, but that’s just not the case. Mostly they are brief cameo’s from Who related actors, but still astonishing to see.

William Hartnell at the British Film Festival in 1947.

This one is silent and features a little more Hartnell from the Daily Film Festival in 1949.  Blink and you might miss him!

Here we have Carole Ann Ford and Bernard Cribbins in one entitled Star, Stars, More Stars from 1965.

I know that there is nothing too spectacular about those clips, but I have to say that my heart raced just seeing Hartnell for a few seconds. Maybe there is something even more amazing out there still to be discovered! Thanks again to Sammi Carter for giving me these links and if you find something Doctor Who related amongst the 84,997 other clips leave a comment with a link or tweet it to @troughtonsmydoc!

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