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Pertwee Comedy Clip

We’ve shown you a bunch of other clips from Pertwee, and they are all great in their own way, but this one outshines all of them. Check it out, Pertwee in the Merry Go Round Gang 1947 performing a bit of a comedy routine!

If you haven’t watched the other Pertwee clips or Hartnell clips yet, you should!

Bathing Beauties, Pertwee and Father Christmas

Didn’t get enough Pertwee last time? Well here’s some more British Pathe clips for you!

Jon Pertwee and some bathing beauties from Gala All Stars 1964!

Here’s Pertwee playing Father Christmas in a silent clip Xmas For All 1963!

If you missed the Hartnell clips from earlier, check them out!

There are probably more still to be discovered, so keep searching! Thanks to Sammi Carter for the links!

New YouTube Clips Discovered!

In my previous article I issued a challenge, suggesting that maybe we should leave the missing episode threads for a little while and instead start looking through the mountains of British Pathe clips that have been uploaded to YouTube recently. Sammi Carter took my advice and I would like to share his finds!

I wish I could say that one of these contains a thirty second clip from Macra Terror, but that’s just not the case. Mostly they are brief cameo’s from Who related actors, but still astonishing to see.

William Hartnell at the British Film Festival in 1947.

This one is silent and features a little more Hartnell from the Daily Film Festival in 1949.  Blink and you might miss him!

Here we have Carole Ann Ford and Bernard Cribbins in one entitled Star, Stars, More Stars from 1965.

I know that there is nothing too spectacular about those clips, but I have to say that my heart raced just seeing Hartnell for a few seconds. Maybe there is something even more amazing out there still to be discovered! Thanks again to Sammi Carter for giving me these links and if you find something Doctor Who related amongst the 84,997 other clips leave a comment with a link or tweet it to @troughtonsmydoc!

Unreleased Doctor Who Related Clips On YouTube

Okay, so I hope that the title of this article is clear enough that nobody comes here looking for an upload of Marco Polo or the Underwater Menace. So here’s the deal, British Pathe used to have newsreels on before movies back when many people didn’t have access to televisions and tv news was either not around or in its infancy. They have uploaded their entire archive, 85,000 newsreels  spanning 1896 to 1976, to YouTube for the public to view.

From their about page on YouTube:

“The world’s finest news and entertainment video film archive. Since the invention of the moving image in the 1890’s, British Pathé began recording every aspect of global culture and news, for the cinema. With their unique combination of information and entertainment, British Pathé’s documentaries, newsreels, serials and films changed the way the world saw itself forever.

With it’s unparalleled collection of historical events and vast catalogue of changing social activity, British Pathé encompasses one of the world’s most prodigious and fascinating documents of the modern age. From fashion to warfare and sport to travel, British Pathé is the definitive source for the 20th century in moving images.

All 85,000 newsreels are now searchable and viewable on YouTube. This equates to 3,500 hours of filmed history.

Our YouTube channel includes some of the public’s favourite clips, rare and amusing pieces to share and footage related to big days throughout the year.”

There are some Doctor Who related items in here as well including a clip from the 1967/68 Schoolboys’ and Girls’ Exhibition at Olympia featuring a cameo appearance from a Cyberman and Yeti. There are some other films depicting police boxes, footage of Jon Pertwee and Jean Marsh, even a Peter Cushing appearance.

No, it’s not Macra Terror, but something neat and interesting to pass the time. An intriguing quote from Mediakraft, the German online tv channel that is managing the project:

it is very likely that the community will find hidden gems in the enormous video library that have not been discovered by the archivists yet.

That quote is courtesy of http://www.doctorwhonews.net

So there’s your challenge. Maybe we should take a few minutes a day away from the forums and missing episode threads and look through this amazing archive for more Doctor Who related content. You just never know what you might find!

If you do find something, post a link in the comments section so we can share it with everyone!