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Monday Morning News Round Up- April 21

Well, we might as well start this week with the big news or lack there of. Marco Polo was not announced.  This shouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone, especially since most of those with source information had already started backpedaling in the previous weeks. So… Easter without Marco, what does that mean to the omnirumour? Check out my OmniMusings.


But don’t confuse no announcement with a boring, unexciting week. It was far from that. We had an Underwater Menace surprise via facebook that was quickly taken down, and then there was that picture of Phil Morris in Sierra Leonne that he tweeted. So all in all it was still a busy week for the omnirumour, even if, once again, there was nothing solid that came out of it.


Tom Baker Happy He Upset Other Doctors

Tom gave an interview at the launch of WHO on Horror and had something to say to those who criticized his Day Of The Doctor appearance.

Birthdays Everywhere!

Several Doctor Who alum celebrated their big days this week, including Louise Jameson, Camille Corduri and the big 10, David Tennant! Happy Birthday everyone!


The Controversy of Talons Of Wang Chiang

Andrew Boland takes a look at the story and comes to terms with the controversy that comes from it.

An Update On TIMD

We celebrate our first month online this week, and take a look at how things have gone over the previous thirty or so days.

Series 8 Spoilers

Finally we have a new pic from the set and a four minute video that you can watch!

TIMD Update- Month 1

Troughton Is My Doctor was born out of necessity. Those of you who have been with us since our first post know that it was the absence of Doctor Who Worldwide (where I had previously been posting my articles) that caused me to dust off this old blog and start my own Doctor Who news and rumours site.

Well TIMD has reached its one month birthday and to celebrate we are giving each of you a Marco Polo dvd*! Wait, what? Oh… Never mind.

Anyway, a month ago I deleted all the old and forgotten blogs I had started about music and watching William Hartnell stories, bought the domain name, changed the theme and started fresh.

Though I began this project all by myself, Gary Morris and Martin Ruddick joined me very early on, bringing valuable technical insight and amazing Who related opinions. Al Miller wandered in a few weeks later with his amazing Podcastrovalva segments and recently world traveller Andrew Boland has joined the team. The five of us span much of the globe, a couple Canadians, a Briton and an Aussie living in Japan! But you, our readers, reach even further than that.

We have had visitors from all around the world. Obviously the UK is the biggest supporter, but we have viewers in Germany, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, heck even Brazil! From the Ukraine to Puerto Rico and Bulgaria, we have accommodated Doctor Who fans from all over the world. And lots of them, too.

In the past 29 days TIMD has received more than 10,000 hits and published more than 50 articles. We’ve talked about the omnirumour and series 8, New and Classic Who, everything and anything!  During that time the website became a sort of unofficial supporter of the Doctor Who Missing Episode Discussion Group on Facebook, providing updates on it’s growth, and also seen the return of Doctor Who Worldwide and its forum The Panopticon a few weeks ago. But don’t worry, we aren’t done yet. No, we are really just getting started

So from the TIMD team, thanks for joining us and stick around because there’s plenty more to come! Follow @troughtonsmydoc to get hear about updates as they happen.


*Unfortunately even if Marco Polo had been released, we are too poor to provide you with a free copy. Sorry.