Dark Journey- 4 Minute Preview

We’ve been talking about Doctor Who Dark Journey for a little while now. A couple weeks ago I did an article and posted a link to the trailer, last week I talked with M.A. Tamburro the director and producer and now we have a full four minutes from the upcoming production that you can check out.

The clip features the Doctor and Sherlock Holmes in a pub talking with some locals. It also features a kick ass version of the Doctor Who theme! So be sure to check out the preview. I will caution that there is some language in there that some may find offensive.

The Science of Doctor Who – Interview With Host Rob Lloyd

For those of you reading, you may not know Rob Lloyd, but he is an incredibly talented actor and comedian, and also a massive Doctor Who fan to boot! Born in New South Wales, Rob now lives in Melbourne where he has been on stage many times. Part of the comedy duo ‘InnesLloyd’, Rob has a passion for improvisation.

Rob has found a great deal of success in the last few years, in 2013 his one man show enjoyed packed houses and rave reviews in Australia, so it took it overseas to Edinburgh, appearing in the Fringe Festival.


Rob is now busy touring his latest show, ‘The Science of Doctor Who’, combining Doctor Who and science in a show doing the rounds in Australia. Rob help conceive and also hosts the show. He took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions from me.


Andrew: Rob, how long have you been performing and what drew you to the stage?

Rob: I’ve been performing professionally for over 13 years, ever since I moved to Melbourne in 2000, but I’ve been performing since I was 5 years old.

It’s hard to explain what drew me to ‘the stage’, I remember I loved playing make-believe and dress-ups as a kid but I never really saw that as an actual job…I was to busy wanting to play for the Australian cricket team.

However I remember at the end of Year 7 in 1990, we were given our list of subjects to choose for Year 8 and on that list was Drama. I thought to myself, ‘I can do make-believe as a subject?’ I decided then and there that’s what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

Andrew:  Can you tell me a bit about your new show, ‘The Science of Doctor Who’. How it was conceived, the process of creating it and your role in the show?

Rob: In The Science of Doctor Who I host the show with three scientists. I introduce scientific theories explored in the TV show Doctor Who and the scientists explain whether they are possible or not.

It’s also hugely interactive, audiences are encouraged to bring their mobile phones and tablets and answer certain questions that are placed on the huge screen.

It all came about when RiAus, a science-communication based organization that I had previously worked with approached me to co-write and devise this show.

Andrew: Have you ever done a Doctor Who themed show before? Can you tell the readers a bit about that show if you have? (wink wink )

Rob: I have done another ‘Who-based’ show. It’s a one-man, comedy show called WHO, ME.


That show deals with my obsession with Doctor Who and I put the show on trial to see whether it is innocent or guilty of ruining my life.

I’ve toured it all around Australia, New Zealand, and Edinburgh…hopefully to the US later this year.

Andrew: How long have you been a Doctor Who fan and how did you become a fan?

Rob: I got into Doctor Who quite late, when I was 17 at my first year of university…oh yeah…I know how to party.

My closest friend at the time was dealing with a messy break-up and needed some distracting. So I got him to tell me about his favourite TV show Doctor Who.

After that five hour conversation I knew everything about Doctor Who and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Andrew: Can you tell the readers the details of your show? Dates, where to get tickets, plans to tour outside Australia and the like!

Rob: The Science of Doctor Who is currently on its national tour.

We kicked everything off in Perth last weekend (April 26th) next we’re off to Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide then finally Melbourne.

We’d love to tour it further, to other capitals in Australia, maybe even New Zealand or further…it just depends on the reaction to this initial tour.

All dates, times, venues and links to buy tickets online, can be found here: http://riaus.org.au/doctorwho

 Andrew:  If you could design ANOTHER Doctor Who themed show, what would it be about and what would it tackle?

 Rob: Well I’m actually working on a new show for the Melbourne Fringe Festival in September that does have ‘Who-connections’.

It’s called Who Are You Supposed To Be? And it’s a romance comedy set at a Convention.

She’s dressed as the 5th Doctor, he runs a website, blog, fan site.

I originally saw it performed at Edinburgh Fringe last year and was asked to star in the Australian premiere. How could I refuse?

To keep up to date on the process of the show any other projects I do visit my website: www.roblloyd.com.au or follow me on Twitter: @futurerobby

Andrew: Thanks for your time Rob! See you on the stage!


Monday Morning News Round Up- May 5

Welcome to another wonderful Monday morning. Just in case you were out enjoying the real world and missed some of our amazing stories last week, here’s a recap for you. Don’t forget to follow @troughtonsmydoc to get the news as it’s happening!

Marco again

OMNI Denied!

We might as well start with the biggest news coming last week. In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine they published an article with statements denying the omnirumour!

Daleks master 1

Bold Prediction?

Everyone involved with the omnirumour has been shying away from making predictions about the next announcement, but TIMD is confident that we can predict when it’s not going to happen.


Underwater Menace Update Redux

Also in that DWM article was a little snippet about the fate of Underwater Menace. Recon? Seriously?


Omnirumour Executed

With all the serious stuff being talked about, Martin decided we needed a little laughter in our lives, so he takes a look at the ‘death’ of the omni.


German Bluray Update

There’s been a development in the German bluray release of Adventures in Space and Time. It had a release date and special features announced.


TMID decided to start its own twitter hashtag to promote some fan initiatives involving Doctor Who. If you have something you want us to talk about, just tweet that hashtag to @troughtonsmydoc and we will take a look!

Dark Journey

Doctor Who Dark Journey

Speaking of #FanProducedFriday, I talked to MA Tamburro the Director and Producer behind the project where the Doctor and Sherlock Holmes team up to defeat Jack The Ripper.

Time run

Time To Run

And here’s one more fan project, the Time Run, from @thymerun. This is a video that features footage of David Tennant running set to different songs. Today marks it’s launch, so be sure to check it out!


Last, but far from least, Al Miller brought us another Podcastrovalva, ‘Traveling the Vortex’

German Bluray Update

More details have been announced regarding the German bluray release of An Adventure in Space and Time. Coming out July 26th, it will contain deleted scenes and a making of feature. The German set is of note because it has an option for a German audio dub, not just subtitles, and it is also the first announced bluray release of Adventure in Europe. As of yet, nothing has been announced for the UK, so I’m sure many fans are considering buying this import. The bluray/dvd combo is set to come out May 27 in North America.

You can get all the details first hand if you happen to speak German from Polyband’s official website.

Podcastrovalva- Traveling The Vortex

Another installment of Podcastrovalva from Al Miller

“Traveling the Vortex” quickly became one of the Doctor Who podcasts that I make sure to listen to each time it comes out, from the time  I first discovered it in 2013.

The “Vortex Boys” as they have come to be called (though the ‘Three Errant Dogs’ nickname has been floated!) are from Kansas. This is one of the friendliest podcasts that I listen to. It is also the longest: most episodes rival the length of a typical Peter Jackson movie. So you might want to listen to it in two stretches!

What sets “Vortex” apart from other podcasts is the extensive involvment of their listeners, including frequent feedback from
Holly, Rachel, Chrissy, and more. This extends to other ways listeners can participate, including a Doctor Who book club and some regular events where everyone watches a Doctor Who episode (or a film) and tweets their comments along (Flicks with Friends and Friday Night Who).

A good place to start is the Vortex Boys’ Sylvester McCoy event from Planet Comic Con from earlier this year. It’s only 49 minutes in length.

The podcast is found at http://travelingthevortex.com/ and it is also available on iTunes and the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance.

The Time Run

So are you a fan of the Tenth Doctor? Do you like to watch him run? Well then I have the perfect present for you…

The Time Run!

From their facebook page:

Join us for the epic, worldwide release of ‘The Time Run’ – a Doctor Who fan film comprised of 700 clips of Ten running; cut from The Sarah Jane Adventures, Dreamland, The Infinite Quest, the Tardisodes, Attack of the Graske, Born Again, Time Crash, The Day of the Doctor, and 48 episodes of Doctor Who.

For you Whovians out there – that is every single source video Ten appeared in, in any capacity.

No clip is repeated. No clip is manipulated.

‘The Time Run’ isn’t just a fan video; nor is it just clips of someone running mishmashed together. The footage has been melded seamlessly with a killer soundtrack that will have you dancing with the Doctor.

You’ll find feels, adventure, heartache and more.

And not only that – ‘The Time Run’ features original video from a Special Guest Star (whose identity will be revealed during the movie).

If you’re a Whovian, you definitely want to see this. If your friends are Whovians, invite them along! If you’re not a Whovian, this will make you wish you were.

Get ready to run!

Check out the trailer.

I don’t know if I can watch that much of David Tennant running, but when Time Run launches I will certainly try.