Happy Mother’s Day!

This is a shout out to all the mothers out there! We appreciate everything that you’ve done for us. Think about it, we wouldn’t have a show like Doctor Who without mothers who encouraged their children to follow their hearts into acting or writing, or mothers who let their kids play with a video camera or dream up new and wacky costumes.

We also wouldn’t have this site without a wife and mother who is very tolerant (most days) of the amount of time her husband spends online working, so Happy Mother’s Day to my wife Sarah, the mother of my beautiful children and a special Happy Mother’s day to Gary’s wife, Jen, who has made plenty of similar sacrifices.

Remember, the moms of today are tickling, hugging, teaching, scolding, kissing and encouraging the children that will grow up to make Doctor Who for the next 25 years and for that we salute you!

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