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Five-ish Doctors Reboot Coming To DVD!

Colin Baker was speaking at the Myth Makers convention today and told the crowd that Peter Davison’s awesome The Five-sh Doctors Reboot, in which Davison, Baker and Sylvester McCoy try to get a part in Day Of The Doctor, will be released on DVD (and most likely bluray) as a part of an upcoming Matt Smith release! This is exciting news and something to look forward since the Classic Doctor Who range will be over once Underwater Menace is released later this year.

Tom Baker Happy He Upset Other Doctors

There has been a new article from Expose Entertainment featuring an interview with Tom Baker regarding his role in Day Of The Doctor.

When asked whether he knew that he’d ruffled some feathers with his appearance, he replied: “Oh I hope so, yes! Thanks a lot for reminding me of that. That really pleased me.”

So what do some of the other Doctors think about his comments?



Tom initially didn’t want to do the special, but was convinced by Caroline Skinner.  You can check out the whole interview here.