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Dark Journey Interview-Spoilers

The last episode of Doctor Who Dark Journey will go live Saturday July 5th at 5:35. The moment has been prepared for, as I have heard someone say before. I sat down with Andrew ‘the cool beans Doctor’ Chalmers, Producer Mike Tamburro and Clayton ‘Claytec’ Turner for another interview discussing the series so far. We talk about the humour, the darkness, Season three of Dark Journey featuring the Master as  a stay at home mom… You name it. Andrew had a large glass of red cider, so there was no stopping him! Warning, there is spoilers about the previous four episodes here, so why not check them out before you listen to the interview!



Dark Journey Episode 4

This job is all about the perks. When you’re a big time Doctor Who site like TIMD, you get a lot of freebees. Okay, that’s a complete fabrication, I’ve yet to get anything free because of the site, but you know what I did get? An exclusive early listen to episode four of Doctor Who Dark Journey!

Episodes two and three were dark, edgy. As I previously mentioned, I think they were more about building the Andrew Chalmer’s Doctor, hinting at some of the emotional trauma he’s suffered, showing a darker and grittier side. Moving on to number four, entitled Emily Looks To The Stars, it felt like I was in the sun again after being under a dark cloud!

Out of danger and finally having a rare moment of relaxation, Holmes and the Doctor again rekindle the easy camaraderie they had when they met in episode one. They interact like old friends who have known each other their whole lives.  Oh the banter! The first three minutes of this story are the funniest so far in Dark Journey and many of the quips rival some of the best from the new show. Seriously.

“It’s the age old story, lunatic cult member meets girl, girl meets lunatic cult leader. It’s all so romantic.”

To top it all off, they even reference the production staff’s favourite Canadian band, Rush! Don’t get too comfortable and think that this penultimate episode is nothing but warm fluff. Halfway through things start to get intense and it races forward to a conclusion that will have you begging for the next and final episode.

Oh yeah and there’s a great Downton Abbey joke too.

So, if you haven’t started along the Dark Journey yet, what are you waiting for? All the episodes are up online at and episode four, Emily Looks To The Stars will be up Saturday June 28th at 5:35!

Dark Journey Episode 2

Emotionally shattered after a tragedy, the Doctor arrives in London and becomes companion to Sherlock Holmes in an effort to stop Jack the Ripper’s murderous trail of terror. But is there an even greater evil at work in Victorian England?

This is the premise behind Dark Journey.

Episode one was fast and full of witty dialogue. The plot moved along pretty quickly, Holmes and the Doctor had to come together  and start unraveling the mystery. It had a bit of a light hearted feel, maybe because there was so much banter.

The second installment is very different. Yes, there still is some great interactions between between two of the most brilliant men in all of fiction, but the plot slows down. This second episode is more about emotion, atmosphere and building character than it is about moving the story forward a lot. That’s not to say that the plot doesn’t move forward. It does.  But I don’t think that’s the main point of this episode.

Rather, they start to build up their own version of the Doctor. In the various interviews I have done with the AM Audio guys, they talked about how Andrew Chalmers version of the Doctor is different from the others, how he is darker and we start to see that here. He hints at losing someone he loved and drowns his sorrows in drink after drink at the local pub surrounded by women. Events start to take an emotional toll on him. And I’ve been promised this is just the beginning.

If you haven’t checked out the story yet, what are you waiting for?

Monday Morning News Round Up- June 16

Happy Father’s Day to everyone out there who celebrated yesterday! I know there are a lot of proud dads who love spending time watching Doctor Who with their kids, and a couple of great dads who work on the site, myself and Gary!

So, what did you miss last week? It wasn’t a super busy week, but we did have some cool stuff!


Not only was it Father’s Day, but there was a birthday to be celebrated last week! That’s right, the omnirumour turned one! Oh I remember when it was so cute and cuddly as a newborn, now it’s running around and throwing toys and generally misbehaving…

Doctor Who Dark Journey!

Episode two of Dark Journey went live on Saturday and stay tuned for our review of that one, but here’s our review of the first episode. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the interview I did with Mike, Andrew and Clayton, be sure to check it out. You can head over to AM Audio Media and listen to the episodes and see a quote from my review as their page header!


Cartmel Speaks!

Former Doctor Who Script Editor Andrew Cartmel talks to TIMD’s Martin Ruddock about the omnirumour, what he did and didn’t know, Pip and Jane Baker and a whole host of other interesting topics! Talk a look, you will probably be surprised!

So, that’s what made our news over the past week. Follow us @troughtonsmy

Review- Dark Journey Ep 1

An ominous peel of thunder, the thud of footsteps, an unearthly voice and a gruesome murder.  The Doctor shows up on the scene thinking he will be able to solve the Jack the Ripper killings, little did he know he was the second smartest guy in the room.

Say hello to Sherlock Holmes.

This is the first of a four part audio adventure brought to us from the folks at AM Audio Media in Toronto. A couple weeks ago I had the chance to speak with Mike (MA) Tamburro and just a few days ago did an interview with Mike, Andrew ‘the doctor’ Chalmers and their audio wizard, Clayton (Claytec) Turner. In those interviews we discussed the origins of this story and the challenges behind making it. After talking, tweeting and writing about Dark Journey for more than a month, I was extremely excited to listen to episode one!

Entitled The Doctor Meets The Great Detective, it doesn’t disappoint. It sparkles with imaginative dialogue, wit and charm, everything that you have come to expect from both the Doctor Who and Sherlock franchises.


“I’m the Doctor. Mr. Holmes, I wouldn’t mind going with you!”

“For myself, one loyal doctor will suffice, in his absence I chose to work alone.”

The Doctor is used to being the one with all the information, so it’s great to hear Holmes reading him like an open book. Before you get concerned, let me tell you that our man more than holds his own going toe to toe, synapse to synapse with Holmes!

Mike and Andrew are both big Doctor Who fans, so much so that they timed the release so it would coincide with the Saturday 5:35 time slot the show used to occupy. The story is crafted much like any classic Doctor Who, it even ends in a cliff hanger. Overall, Clayton did a phenomenal job. The production values are good. Many of the voice actors are top notch, even some of the smaller parts like Inspector Gull feel authentic, though I’m not so sure about the New York reporter (that’s an in joke, you’ll need to listen to the interview if you want to understand).

What about the Doctor? After all, this is Doctor Who. You can’t just have anybody portraying our favourite Time Lord, right? Well, okay, I guess in reality anybody could, but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to be good and believable. Chalmers is both. His Doctor is quick with the jokes and sarcasm, displaying a little of the goofiness that makes me love Matt Smith’s Doctor. He’s also dark and razor sharp when needed. Plus he has his own catch phrase, cool beans!


“Sarcasm, the lowest form of wit, my dear Doctor,”

“But the most enjoyable, my dear Holmes.”


So all in all, I would say that Dark Journey is a must listen for Doctor Who fans, especially if you are interested in the Big Finish adventures.  I can’t wait until we get episode two in the coming weeks