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Steven Moffat To Leave Doctor Who

News was released tonight (22nd January 2016) via the Radio Times website that Steven Moffat will be stepping down as showrunner of Doctor Who after writing and executive producing Series 10. This series will début in Spring 2017, with just a Christmas special shown in 2016. Further, Series 10 will comprise 12 episodes, but nothing was mentioned of a 2017 Christmas special.

Steven Moffat storyboarding The Day of the Doctor. No, really....
Steven Moffat storyboarding The Day of the Doctor. No, really….

That could fall under the purview of the new showrunner, announced as being Chris Chibnall. The BBC’s official Doctor Who twitter feed confirmed Chibnall, best known among the British TV watching public for the detective drama Broadchurch, starring David Tennant and Olivia Coleman, will take over from Series 11 .

David Tennant and Olivia Coleman in Chris Chibnall's Broadchurch.
David Tennant and Olivia Coleman in Chris Chibnall’s Broadchurch.

Chris Chibnall is known to fans of Doctor Who though for a number of episodes in recent years. He wrote 42 for David Tennant’s 10th Doctor in Series 3 and four episodes for Matt Smith, The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood (Series 5), Dinosaurs On A Spaceship and The Power of Three for Series 7. He has yet to write for the 12th Doctor.

Scenes from Chris Chibnall's past Doctor Who stories.
Scenes from Chris Chibnall’s past Doctor Who stories.

He has also written for the expanded universe too, with eight episodes from the first two series of Torchwood, including Cyberwoman and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. His further TV credits include the football drama United and episodes for another BBC time travel series, Life On Mars.

Two of Chris Chibnall's Torchwood episodes.
Two of Chris Chibnall’s Torchwood episodes.
BBC's time travel police drama Life On Mars.
BBC’s time travel police drama Life On Mars.

Nothing was said about whether Peter Capaldi is expected to return as the Doctor for Series 11, though he has previously committed to Series 10.


50th Anniversary Box Set announced.

After months of rumour, this month’s issue of Doctor Who Magazine confirms the release of a limited edition 50th Anniversary Box Set this Autumn.

The box contains Matt Smith’s final three episodes as the Doctor, Mark Gatiss’s excellent An Adventure in Space and Time, Peter Davison’s comedy short The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, as well as a wealth of related programmes broadcast by the BBC around the 50th anniversary, and online extras like The Night of the Doctor.

In addition, previously unseen behind the scenes footage is included.

This set looks to be the last word on the 50th anniversary festivities, the only thing missing, sadly, is Matthew Sweet’s excellent Culture Show documentary You, Me, and Doctor Who.

The release will be limited to runs of 4000 on DVD and 6000 on Blu-Ray, and is available from September 8th. More details when we have them.

Full details:

The Name of the Doctor
The Night of the Doctor
The Day of the Doctor
The Time of the Doctor
An Adventure in Space and Time
The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot
Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide
The Science of Doctor Who
Doctor Who Proms 2013
The Last Day
The Day of the Doctor Readthrough
The Day of the Doctor Cinema Intros
Deleted Scenes
Behind the Scenes action
BBC America Documentary: Tales from the Tardis
BBC America Documentary: Farewell to Matt Smith

Happy Fish Fingers and Custard Day


Where were you four years ago today? Probably glued to the tv just like I was. After all it was the debut of a new Doctor. We mark the anniversary of Matt Smith’s first episode today and I hope you will indulge me as I reminisce for a moment.

I’ll start by saying that I was a big Tennant fan. The day that his final episode aired, I walked around in a state of dread befitting someone who actually lost a loved one, not merely mourning the changing of a fictional character. The End of Time was a bit of a disappointment for me, but that’s neither here nor there. What does matter is that I thought nobody could ever replace him. He was going to be The Doctor. The definitive article, as his most popular predecessor once said. Fans of the classic series may love to argue and discuss who’s their favourite from the first of the Doctor’s eight regenerations, but there was no doubt in my mind that Tennant was going to be the New Who Doctor that went down in history as the most beloved.
So with great trepidation I sat on the couch as The Eleventh Hour started. I had already seen some stills from it online and was in a foul mood. That new companion was dressed like a police officer. That’s ridiculous, she’s going to be arrogant and bossy and hard to get along with. I just knew that I wasn’t going to like her. And Matt Smith? Seriously, I have socks older than him. How can he possibly be better than Tennant?

The show started up and I was immediately hooked. Just from that opening scene with young Amelia Pond and the crack in her wall. The slapstick comedy of the Doctor walking into a tree. Fish fingers and custard. By the time we moved forward and got to the real gist of the story I was already warming up to the new guy. What sealed it for me is Steven Moffat’s writing. You can complain all you want about his jiggery pokery later on in the series, but he writes one hell of a heroic Doctor. Just look at the “is this planet protected?” speech from the end of the episode. When we see all the previous incarnations of the Doctor flash across the screen and then Smith steps through the hologram of Tennant to introduce himself as the Doctor? BAM! I jumped off the couch, fist pumping the air. That’s one hell of an introduction. From that moment Matt Smith was my favourite New Who doctor and he has been for the last four years. Oh and that annoying police officer companion? Yes she was arrogant, bossy and hard to get along with, but that didn’t stop me from loving her and her husband.

So what did I learn from my Tennant to Smith experience? Not to prejudge what will come. Maybe Capaldi will blow away Smith, you never know. Looks like we will find out in this fall.