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Finally Wins Technical BAFTA!

Who ever said “third time is the charm” has obviously never worked on Doctor Who and been up for technical BAFTA.  The show has been nominated for one for the past 6 years and lost each time. Now, finally, in its seventh attempt it takes home the prize! The Day Of The Doctor won for Special, Visual and Graphic Effects.  Not only that, but  An Adventure in Space and Time also won for Make Up and Hair Design.

Congratulations on your big wins!


Day Of The Doctor Up For A BAFTA

Doctor Who Day Of The Doctor has been nominated for a BAFTA this year. It’s up for an audience award meaning that we get to vote for the winner. Other shows in this category are Breaking Bad, Broadchurch, Gogglebox, The Great British Bakeoff and Educating Yorkshire. You can vote at the Radio Times website.

The show is also up for a Craft award. It has been nominated for Special, Visual and Graphic Effects. Before you start celebrating a win, you should know that Who has been nominated for the last seven years in this same category but failed to take home the prize each and every time.

In other BAFTA news,  An Adventure in Space and Time has been nominated in the Best Single Drama. This award will be announced May 18.

So there you have it, head over to the radio times and vote for Day of the Doctor and keep your fingers crossed that the awesome special effects team can finally get some recognition this year.